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Baseline Report - Introduction

This baseline report is an attempt by your friends and neighbors to provide all of the residents of the Adams Morgan community with a picture of where we are today and through this document provide some insight and direction about where we should be headed in the future.

Community planning is a long and arduous process, however, it is generally recognized by urban and community planners that an analysis of the community is the first step in the planning of the future for the community. Our analysis by definition will always be unfinished as the community transforms itself almost daily. The contributors to this analysis are not professional, researchers or urban planners but merely committed advocates for Adams Morgan who are making this effort in addition to meeting their own personal challenges in everyday life.

We have been fortunate to have the help and assistance of the Catholic University School of Architecture and Urban Planning’s graduate students and professor but even their assistance was constrained by their responsibilities to their academic endeavors.

You will find this document offers little personal opinion but relies heavily on published data about our community including, but not limited to, current Census data, and published research data from local government, area think tanks, and other local sources.

Naturally, with nearly thirty people working on the documents divided into research areas according to their interest, the sources will vary and in some cases overlap. However, we have tried to reduce such instances and to fact-check the data contained in this report, but to be sure, we will have gotten aspects of it wrong and for that we apologize in advance. This document is meant to be only a “starting point” to provide some sort of framework from which the community can go forward to offer its suggestions and ideas about what the community should look like in each of these areas going forward and perhaps offer some strategies to get us there.

All of the sections that comprise this report are now available online, and we invite each and every resident to review the report and begin thinking about those ideas and visions you have for Adams Morgan and sharing them with the Adams Morgan Working Group and your fellow community members. We will try to post the ideas online, with or without attribution, as they are received. Your ideas about our schools, our business community, our parks and recreation, or our zoning laws are what we are looking for. Every fourth Wednesday in the month from October 2013 thru the end of March 2014 we will listen to and record your ideas. In addition there will be other special opportunities to share your thoughts through surveys and a simple online posting of your ideas. These ideas collectively will shape a formal vision of Adams Morgan’s future, which hopefully will lead to meaningful medium and long-term changes for our community.

The Envision Adams Morgan Working Group

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DC Office of Planning - Adams Morgan Vision Framework

As a follow up to our work, the DC Office of Planning conducted a series of community meetings to flesh out a vision for the neightborhood that builds on the efforts of Envision Adams Morgan. They have released their final Adams Morgan Vision Framework document to guide future development and community efforts.

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