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Survey Results Published


In the first phase of Envision Adams Morgan, volunteer working groups developed a report detailing the current state of our neighborhood. We then launched a survey to collect opinions and ideas from residents and local businesses in the areas of sustainability, housing, economy, transportation, community services, zoning, and historic preservation.

Between September 2014 and February 2015, we collected 535 responses and over 900 written suggestions concerning the future of the neighborhood!

Survey respondents were self-selecting and responses were not tracked or weighted by demographics. While we did what we could within our means to spread the word, we acknowledge that this survey did not necessarily reach a representative sample of the over 16,000 residents of Adams Morgan. The results should be interpreted accordingly and considered reflective of the views of only those who participated in the survey. Nevertheless, those who did participate shared some excellent and constructive ideas. We encourage everyone to consider all comments offered with an open mind and in the spirit of community.

The results of this survey have been passed along to the DC Office of Planning, as they are conducting the next, more formal phase of this visioning process. They have set up a website to run polls and collect even more ideas (http://adamsmorganvision.mindmixer.com/), and will be holding a half-day community workshop on February 28th at Marie Reed from 9am - 12pm. We hope that many of you who took the survey will attend. Please invite along any of your neighbors who have not yet had a chance to participate in this process or share their thoughts on the future of our community.

Read through the results on Scribd.

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DC Office of Planning - Adams Morgan Vision Framework

As a follow up to our work, the DC Office of Planning conducted a series of community meetings to flesh out a vision for the neightborhood that builds on the efforts of Envision Adams Morgan. They have released their final Adams Morgan Vision Framework document to guide future development and community efforts.

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