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About the Project

"Envision Adams Morgan"came about in the Spring of 2012 in response to the rapid changes in development in Adams Morgan. Community members often found themselves at odds with one another over the directions that various proposed commercial and residential projects projected for the community.

While all of the various factions had the best interest of Adams Morgan in mind, it was clear that everyone was speaking from their vision of Adams Morgan and not from a vision developed from a community consensus.

The issue was further heightened by the fact that the Office of Planning does not have a small area plan for Adams Morgan.

With these realizations, a committed group began meeting regularly in concert with the Adams Morgan ANC to develop an overall vision for Adams Morgan that will serve as both a reference and a guide for understanding Adams Morgan's present and its future. We are using the ANC boundaries for Adams Morgan to define the scope of our planning efforts.

We Need Your Help

We hope you agree with us that this will be a good platform for positive growth, and we hope you'll contribute your ideas, hopes, dreams, and experiences to the project.

DC Office of Planning - Adams Morgan Vision Framework

As a follow up to our work, the DC Office of Planning conducted a series of community meetings to flesh out a vision for the neightborhood that builds on the efforts of Envision Adams Morgan. They have released their final Adams Morgan Vision Framework document to guide future development and community efforts.

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