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Community Guidelines and Terms of Use

  1. This project is about coming up with a common vision that we can use to evaluate issues that arise in the future. It is not a space to hash out existing divisive issues in the neighborhood. Everyone who uses this site has to promise to be nice.
  2. Constructive comments are encouraged. If you disagree with an idea, feel free to express that, but be sure you're not making any personal attacks in the process.
  3. This is partly a brainstorm. Please treat all ideas with respect. The consensus building process will filter up common themes as they emerge.
  4. We're shooting for thoughtful consensus, not division. We will strive to maintain this an open and transparent forum, but site moderators reserve the right to block any contributor who repeatedly makes personal attacks or otherwise disrupts the community visioning process.
  5. To reiterate, we consider personal attacks highly damaging to this process. To solicit opinions from as many people as possible, we must create a trusting environment where people feel safe sharing their ideas. In the event that a contributor engages in a clear personal attack, they will receive only one warning from moderators before being blocked from the site.

DC Office of Planning - Adams Morgan Vision Framework

As a follow up to our work, the DC Office of Planning conducted a series of community meetings to flesh out a vision for the neightborhood that builds on the efforts of Envision Adams Morgan. They have released their final Adams Morgan Vision Framework document to guide future development and community efforts.

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